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Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape

Ming's Restaurant

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Pole Star


The Himalayan breed was started in 1930 by Dr. Clyde Keller, from The Harvard Medical School, and Virginia Cobb of Newton Cattery. They started out by breeding Siamese cats with Persian cats, trying to develop a long-haired, Persian-bodied cat with the color-points of the Siamese. They bred and crossbred until "Newton's Debutante" was born. This cat was the first cat recognized as beginning the Himalayan Breed.

The breed was accepted by CFA in 1957 as a breed standard, and in the 1980's it was merged with the Persian breed, listing them as a color variation of a Persian instead of a totally different breed. Now in order to breed CFA registered Himalayans, you must have a CFA Registered Persian and/or Himalayan for both the sire and the dam. No Siamese are allowed in the breeding line.

Thursday, September 11, 2008



Fiona Apple versus Mary Magdalan?

Fiona Apple versus Mary Magdalan

Saint Mary Magdalen or Mary Magdalene is described, both in the canonical New Testament and in the New Testament apocrypha, as a devoted disciple of Jesus. She is considered by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican churches to be a saint, with a feast day of July 22. She is also commemorated by the Lutheran Church with a festival on the same day. The Orthodox Church also commemorates her on the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers, which is the second Sunday after Pascha (Easter).

Mary Magdalene's name may identify her as "of Magdala" — the town some believe she came from, on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee — and thus distinguishes her from the other Marys referred to throughout the New Testament.

The life of the historical Mary Magdalene is the subject of ongoing debate, while the less-obscure development of the "penitent Megdalene", as the most beloved medieval female saint after Mary, both as an exemplar for the theological discussion of penitence and a social parable for the position and custody of women,[3] provides matter for the social historian and the history of ideas.

...Fiona Apple (born Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart on September 13, 1977) is a Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter. She gained popularity through her 1996 album Tidal, especially with the single "Criminal", and because of the music video made for it. Her music is rooted equally in early jazz, pop, and alt-rock and is fundamentally based on very personal poetic verses backed up with progressive production often featuring instruments such as the french horn, optigan or even a full orchestra. Apple is a vegan and a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Avoid The Freemasons

For many years Richard Hoagland alone hypothesized that sentient beings spent time on Mars millions of years ago assembling behemoth structures whose ruins are still seen today. Here Hoagland redefines the solar system as a different place than NASA has presented. The book includes a new preface covering the Mars Global Surveyor photos and reactions of NASA.

Richard C. Hoagland has been a NASA consultant, and Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News. In 1993 he wont the Angstrom Medal for Excellence in Science. For the last eighteen years, Hoagland has led a multi-disciplinary team - the Enterprise Mission - in an intensely controversial scientific investigation of potential artificial structures on the Moon and Mars...moon and mars.

Shinya Aoki vs Clay French

How often have you noticed the numbers 11:11, 12:12, 10:10, 22:22, 12:34, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55 popping up all over the place? click here

Hey Everyone,

Im Looking for all the information in relation to Arch Angel Michael & Jesus being the same.

If you could pass through some links to me that would be great, Or any information you may Have, it would be greatly appreciates.
Im wondering where it states all this, i have come across in the emails we receive on the 11.11 progress, but wonder what else there is out there that speaks of this.

Love & Light

Carno Kills Hortencia

Dear Art,

We've known Comet and his brother since they were kittens. His brother was shot by a neighbor and Comet never quite got over it, which may explain why he ran away from home. Comet started out in Nye Beach, Oregon, listening to you from outside the window. He was always an outdoor cat, and found his way to His Master's Voice in Nye County, Nevada. Great story. I was so surprised to see him on the night you all were first testing the live-cam. Glad he found a good home. More later. Pics too.

It's a fox

if you go to the website for Grand Royale records, they have back issues of
grand Royal magazine and there is one issue still for sale that is all about
moogs and early electronic equipment, where to still get it, interviews with
Moog pioneers, Wendy Carlos, etc...and which instrument would be best
compatible for your sound alike needs. (ex: if you want the Good Vibrations
theramin sound, try the blah blah machII oscillator) i dont know which issue
it is, but you cant miss it by the cover art. highly informative and from a
bonghit point of view....
I miss the puke threads, but whats this about shaving? shaved bush freaks me
out. i am not into that bacon landing strip beaver that all the girls like
to get nowadays.
when i see that i think, "uh oh, watches too many porn flicks"...
and a bald pussy--forget it! too prepubescent. what happened to 70's playboy
bunny bush, and tan lines? now THATS sexy!
may chicks every year go to this place here in NYC i forget the name of it,
and they get everything waxed. i mean, they throw theyre legs up in the air,
and the chicks gotta get in all these contorted positions to allow for
maximum advantage to get all the hair off from every fuckin crevice. and
then they hit the tanning beds 'cause spring is here and im going to the
Hamptons this weekend and i cant look like the fuckin honky that i am!!!!
ahem. sorry i get carried away. my job is making me crazy. - point